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UMT™ 200 Series
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UMT™ 200 & 300 Series Bi-Sorter & Tri-Sorter


• The sorter body is constructed of 1/4” thick steel which is continuously welded and has a
powder coat fi nish.
• The diverter plate is constructed of 1/2” thick heavy duty grade aluminum.
• Support legs are adjustable to accommodate various compactors and containers.


• The main control panel runs 115VAC nominal / 6 Amps Maximum.
• All controls are 24 Volt DC.
• Main controller has a 32 character backlit LCD display.
• All electrical components are UL listed.
• Sensor based operation - No mechanical limit switches to fail or go
out of adjustment.
• System status is displayed at all times.
• Access door is safety interlocked to disable sorter when opened.
• Optional bin full sensors - Sorter is locked out when bin is full.
• Optional bin present sensor - Sorter locked out if bin is not present.
• All mechanical parts are enclosed to eliminate pinch point injuries.